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Connect to SQL Server in QlikView
As business intelligence solution developers, we should not limit ourselves to using tools from specific vendors instead we should try and explore as many data visualization tools as we possibly can. In this article, we illustrate using screenshots how...
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Installing SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2015
In my article, Single package deployment in SQL Server Integration Services 2016, I highlighted the joys of single package deployment available in the release of SQL Server Data Tools 2015 and SQL Server 2016. The only feeling of misery in the overall...
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SQL Server Exercise for Data Warehouse Candidates
Background Part of the process when looking for candidates to bring into a data warehouse team is to ensure that you hire competent and reliable people. We recently had to fill a data warehouse position in our team and I setup the following...
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How to Trim Characters in C#
The removing of leading and trailing characters in c# is made possible by the System namespace. My demo uses Windows form to illustrate the trimming of characters. My form looks as shown below. The default value in my text box is my name printed with...
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Multiple Tagging of TFS Work Items Using Excel
In my article, TFS tools for managing SQL Server development, I covered several Team Foundation Server (TFS) client tools that can be used to manage SQL Server-related development. Some of the feedback I received from the article was the issue of...
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Duplicate MySQL Table Using phpMyAdmin
There are many reasons for creating copies of existing relational database tables. Sometimes you create duplicate tables for the purposes of table backup or for application testing purposes.  Whatever your reasons may be, you will notice that different...
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