Shoot to Dye: Paintball Team Building

Team Nhlanhla - SELECT SIFISO
Team Nhlanhla

The SELECT SIFISO team came together to celebrate a successful 2023 first quarter with a memorable and challenging team building session. This was a paintball team building session which was held at Ground Zero (GZ) Adventures in Lanseria, Johannesburg, at the end of March 2023. Paintballing develops a number of skills that are essential in the workplace, improves relationships between team members, and keeps morale and productivity high.

Ducking for cover

Paintball is also known for improving leadership and developing problems-solving skills, relieving stress, boosting morale and productivity, and increasing communication. Before the actual paintballing began, the employees were given a brief introduction to paintball safety and the rules of the game. SELECT SIFISO team members split themselves into two teams – Team Mbali and Team Nhlanhla.

The Battle – Shoot to Dye

Team Mbali

After gearing up with masks, protective clothing, and paintball guns, the real fun of the day started. With the adrenaline pumping, everyone had a great time dodging paintballs and dodging paintballs.

Team Nhlanhla successfully eliminated members of Team Mbali and subsequently came out victorious on the day, and each member of the winning team walked away with R500 TFG voucher to spend on a congratulatory gift for themselves.

The Winners

Team Lunch

The team ended off the day with a celebratory lunch. Everyone had a great time and got to know each other better outside the work environment and built strong bonds that will translate back into the office. The meal was also a great opportunity for everyone to catch-up reflect on Q1/2023 in terms of what the team have achieved and can do better to ensure another successful quarter and ultimately a successful 2023.  

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